Saturday, October 08, 2005

Those poor bastards

I've heard from many sources over the years that working at Borders kinda sucks. I have never doubted the veracity of these statements because working at Borders means you are working in retail and retail just plain sucks. Ask Chris, who when he got his dream job at a local record store chain, realized right away that although it was a nice record store with great management it was still retail so in a way, it kinda sucked.

Today at lunch I went to Borders. I like to go upstairs and browse in the DVD section. They have a shelf of new releases that they keep current and I liked to keep up with what is coming out. Right as I entered Borders I noticed that every employee at the registers was wearing an earpiece that connected to a transmitter at their belt. Upstairs the associate at the help desk had one also. I asked him what was up with the communicators. He said it's a new thing and they have to wear them now. I chuckled and he didn't look too enthused.

C'mon, whose idea was that? I bet two months from now all those communicators will be in the garbage.

What gives?

I don't want to come off as some stodgy old librarian but when I was younger I wasn't even allowed in the adult area of the library until I hit my teens. Today I think there may be more dang kids in the adult area than there are downstairs in childrens. Hey, if you are sitting at the internet and your baby is crying it may be disturbing all those other people trying to read. Knucklehead.

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