Thursday, October 27, 2005

Please don't come to my program

I had to cancel my teen writers night tonight because the board of elections is using the room I need for their early voting duties. Most of the volunteers for the board of elections are senior ladies who I like to refer to as the brides of democracy. I was able to contact all of the regulars that attend the writers group. One young man who was supposed to be attending his first meeting I could not contact because I didn't have his number. So from five thirty until six tonight I was sitting here at the reference desk praying that this kid doesn't show up so I wouldn't have to tell him he came by for no reason. He didn't show. The little bastard.

'Bout damn time

I've been keeping my eye on this Bush administration and it's looking to me like these fellas might crash pretty hard soon. Comeupance may be upon these sorry bastards. Of course Bush could probably eat a baby on live television and people would still support him because at least he didn't abort the baby and had it baptised before he ate it.

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