Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I can't begin to say how much I want this poster. I would destory a small third world village just to have this poster. Which makes me much different than our government who will destroy a small third world village for the fuck of it.


You know, these comments by our horrible, horrible president about Miers not legislating from the bench are confusing. The mere act of voting on a case that comes before the supreme court is legislation. You are affecting the law of this nation. Legislating. What he means, I guess, is that she will not be an activist judge which in his parlance means any justice that does not vote the way he thinks they should. I gots no problem with her not being a judge before but I think her being his pal since his days in Texas is enough to twist my guts into a knot. Cronyism that destroys FEMA is fine in my book but it should not extend to the supreme court, fer chrissakes.

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