Saturday, October 01, 2005

More proof that George W. Bush is shit

"Although its title might sound more like a Judas Priest album than a political thriller, "Metal Storm" offers a highly realistic account of an American war with Turkey. In the grand tradition of the cold-war farce "The Mouse That Roared," the book describes a series of baroque plot twists that result in Turkey's humbling the American military behemoth. To be sure, the book is trashy - its wild speculations include a shadow ruler behind the unnamed American president and arms smuggling via the Mexican drug mafia - and readers are presumably taking it with a grain of salt. Yet it's a sign of how far America's reputation has plummeted that "Metal Storm," first published in late 2004, is now in its eighth printing of 50,000. The book is said to be very popular with the Turkish military, and men aged 18 to 30."

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