Monday, October 17, 2005


My hits have spiraled recently. What's the deal? Did a bunch of visitors die? Have I become uninteresting that quickly? Well, at least I am still above average in height. That's all that really matters.

Did you see the NASCAR race that took place in Charlotte the other night? The owners of the track took a grinder to the surface and smoothed it out. They were hoping this would provide better grip and faster speeds with side by side racing. Turns out the cars ended up going so fast that side by side racing was impossible and tires were wearing out and blowing at a rate twice that of their fuel consumption. Every 20 to 30 laps a car would have a tire blow, causing it to smash into the outside retaining wall and bringing out a caution.

These conditions provided possibly the sorriest display of racing that NASCAR has shown the world since that year in Talladega they put 60 cars on the track causing a wreck that ended the career of Wendell Scott. I swear to god, NASCAR is playing with fire. One of these days something like restrictor plates or bad track management is going to cause a nasty little human disaster on television and they are going to get the shit sued out of them by the families of dead fans and they could jeopardize everything they have gained in the last twenty years. It boggles the mind. Sometimes NASCAR is like baseball because both sports seem to survive and flourish sometimes despite the best efforts of those that run them.

I hope that someday the drivers will band together in some way and protest the unsafe conditions they are sometimes forced to race under. It's crazy that these guys allowed themselves to be put into a situation where their already dangerous sports becomes even more dangerous and they don't let out a peep. Of course they've been doing that since the late 80's at restrictor plate tracks so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. C'mon NASCAR drivers, strike!

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