Saturday, October 01, 2005

Golf Conversation

Thursday I played golf with Chris. I have two buds named Chris and it gets mighty confusing when blogging. He's the Chris that my friend Beth refers to as "the Chris that says fuck all the time." The other Chris we can just call "the one big loud guy." Any person that knows them both will find these descriptions apt.

We played golf at Revolution Park Golf. This was the second time we played there. It's on the west side of town off Remount Road. It's a nine hole public course and it's fun and challenging. Last time we were there was July and then about half the greens were in terrible shape with a bare spots and uneven grass. They fixed that problem so the place is perfect now.

We started in the afternoon and in the middle of the third hole it started raining. We finished the hole quickly and parked the cart under some trees and waited for about 20 minutes for the rain to quit. For a while there we thought we were hosed but it started getting lighter and when the rain stopped it didn't come back. The sky slowly cleared up, it got a little warmer and turned in the perfect afternoon. It was the first time I had been on a golf course during a rain delay and the transformation the course went throught from cloudy and rainy to warm and sunny was dramatic. Hole number 8 is a long uphill par 5 with a wooded area to your right and a line of trees going up the fairway to the left. You have to drive the ball from the tee over a wooded creek. By now it is pushing six o'clock and the sun is going down slow to our left and the fairway grass is releasing into the air the moisture deposited by the rain shower. For a while with the reddish light and the steam coming off the turf it felt like early morning instead of the late afternoon. Even driving my tee shot into the woods along the creek was not enought to ruin my appreciation of the beauty of the golf course for that 30 minutes.

The conversation part

At hole six I actually out drove Chris off the tee with a nice long straight tee shot. Chris admired it and said "Wow, that was your best tee shot since...uhh...ever."

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