Saturday, October 29, 2005

Crossing Over

I still won't get a cell phone until they are crystal clear and no longer give you brain cancer but I did cross one modern Rubicon today. I joined Netflix. I realized that there were so many old TV shows and concerts and documentaries out there that I hadn't seen that getting Netflix was just too dang convenient to resist any longer. I have found myself buying a couple of DVD's that later I wish I had merely rented. Netflix will help with that.

On a buying note, yesterday was pay day so I went to Manifest and bought the Concert for Bangladesh DVD. I admit openly that I skipped over the Ravi Shankar portion and went straight to the George Harrison and Friends segment. I promise that one day I will sit and watch Ravi's set. Not today, maybe not tomorrow, Monday's not looking too good either but soon I will watch it. The DVD is spectacular and I'm glad I bought it. It's definately worth watching again. I was surprised by how good the all-star band was. There is a segment with Billy Preston singing a rollicking gospel song and he just jumps up from behind his keyboard and dances in front of the band. It looked unrehearsed. During that song the band was at its tightest of the evening. George sings a few songs off All Things Must Pass and a couple of Beatles tunes, Leon Russell does a medley of Jumpin' Jack Flash and Youngblood, Ringo Starr sings a song, Bob Dylan comes out and plays whatever he feels like at that moment, George comes back and sings a couple more and the show ends. Very nice. The more I see of George the more impressed by him I am. Such and interesting and good person, it seems.

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