Sunday, October 23, 2005

Black and white

Tonight I went and saw the new George Clooney directed movie, "Good night, and Good luck." I would have probably gone to see it even if it hadn't been getting the good reviews it has been since it's shot in black and white. If I remember correctly it is only the third black and white film I have seen on the big screen. Several years ago I saw Casablanca at the Manor. A few months ago I saw the original Godzilla at the Manor. "Good Night, and Good Luck" is also playing at the Manor. Each time I go see a movie I the Manor I say to myself that I should come here more often. It's a darling old theater and I'm glad it's still around. You gotta love the deep dish urinals in the men's room. Only a blind person could miss those things.

You can read a dozen glowing reviews at metacritic. It is all that. What I loved was the fact that it was in black and white. There is one shot in particular that was stunning. David Strathairn, who plays Edward R. Murrow, is facing the camera and you see him only from the chest up. His is sitting to the right on the screen in front of a plain white wall and he is shadowed. His face the wall are two different shades of gray. In the bottom left corner of the screen is a reading lamp. It burns into the screen like half a moon. The shot is striking. It's the best shot I've seen since "Million Dollar Baby."

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