Saturday, September 10, 2005

New book me read, no can stop

I have to work tomorrow and I should be in bed. Insead I am taking a break from a book that I am near completing and will complete before I hit the sack. I am reading Wrecking Crew by John Albert. It's the story of a group of thirty-something citizens of the streets of LA who form an amateur baseball team/support group. The team made up of recovering junkies, strugglig actors and musicians which, in Hollywood, seems to be the same thing and other assorted freaks of that scene. Amazing to me is that one of the players was the bass player of my favorite early 90's rock band, Junkyard. They were kind of a Guns 'n' Roses/Drive by Truckers/Rolling Stones kinda band. I listened to their first album tonight while reading the book and it's a little dated but "Can't Hold Back" is still a jammin' tune. Also the author of the book was in Christian Death when they first started for a short time and I downloaded a few of their songs tonight from the short era of the first lead singer, Roz Williams. It's pretty good gothy rock. I had heard the name of the band before and had assumed they were some kind of death metal band. I was way off.

Most of the people who read this are readers and you know how it is when a book grabs. This is a brutally honest memoir full of hope, heartbreak and humor. I'm loving it and I'm going to be sad when I finish it.

By the way, the Decemberists is good reading music.

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