Friday, September 23, 2005

Candles, me like

Today I spent a couple of hours cleaning the apartment. I like to do that on my day off now and then. After scrubbing the toilet and the sink and doing dishes and locating and deoderizing the spot by the corner table one of my damn kitties has been rogue pissing I decided I needed a present. I went to Michael's over at Park Road Shopping Center and bought about twenty bucks worth of candles. The best part is that they were having a clearance sale on some nice thick scented ones. Since there had been this unpleasant odor permeating the apartment I also bought a scented oil burner. Mmmmm...scented oil. Now the apartment smells like various scented candles, spring sunshine rain forest oil and spring fresh Lysol and rug deoderizer. Sensory overload, to be sure, but at least not cat piss.

What is it with cats now and then that they decided they are going to piss in hard to reach corners of your home? I understand when it happens if you let the litter box go but I've been keeping up with the litter box recently. Rogue pissing, stupid things cats do.

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