Monday, August 01, 2005

The weekend

I went camping Saturday. It was the annual trip to Valle Crucis for the Rhodo softball tournament. We actually go for the concert our friends play on Saturday night. Because the campground gets so raucus a friend and I decided to camp at Julian Price campground on the parkway and drive to the show and back that night. Bad idea. First of all the campground was a lot less crowded than in other years and as soon as we got there to say howdy before the show I started wishing I was staying there. I wished that even more during the ride back. You know how there can be very foggy conditions in the mountains? For our drive back we took a route that had been suggested to my friend by a friend of hers. This route left us south of our campground in the middle of a dense fog with rain. Between us and our camground was the Lin Cove Viaduct. You may wonder what is is like cross the Lin Cove Viaduct with zero visibility where all you can see is the yellow center line and the metal guardrail: It's fucking terrifying. I don't ever want to do that again. We drove through that soup of over half an hour. The only time I've ever been more frightened while driving was when I almost ran into a tank that was being towed by another tank in the Mojave Desert. That was a split second of terror this was a half hour of dread.

A side note

Tom mentioned how disgusted he was by all the packaging that came with his digital camera a while back. I can't help but wonder if they are so willing to make cereal boxes and potato chip bags twice as big as needed and if they include a roomful of plastic and cardboard for a six ounce digital camera why they can't include with your tent a bag big enough to hold the goddman thing once you unpack it for the first time. How in the hell do they get those things in those bags to begin with? It's crazy. I'm going to have to buy a bag in order to store my new tent neatly. My new tent is awesome too. I bought a 13 by 13 footer that you can stand up in. It's so much easier to change pants when you can stand up in your tent, believe me. Before it was kinda like break dancing with a rock sticking in your back.

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