Monday, August 15, 2005

Dog Days

You can tell it's a 90 degree Monday in the middle of August in the Piedmont of North Carolina because the usual internet stress is through the roof today. People are bouncing around trying to be the first person without a reservation to sit at a computer with a reservation while ignoring the staff recommending they make a reservation. Two women almost resorted to fisticuffs in front of the reference desk over our cell phone policy. Lastly, I thought this giant red-faced guy was going to punch me when every seat he elbowed his way into was facing a computer with a reservation and then saw the line to make reservations I pointed him towards. This was just an hour after a woman angrily rejected my offer to personally tutor her on using our card catalog because she would prefer a class. Heck, she even raised her voice and turned her back to me. Please let fall get here soon.

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