Saturday, July 09, 2005


I went golfing again yesteday with my old buddy Brigham. We went to a nine-hole public course called Revolution. We got a late start and on the way to the course we stopped by a practice range and split a medium sized bucket of balls. We got to the course after one and it should have been really hot and humid but we were lucky yesterday. Because of the tropical storm that blew through town the night before the weather in was in the middle 80's with low humidity. There was a steady breeze and the air was nice and clean. More than once I was standing in the middle of the course surrounded by maple trees while gazing up at a Carolina blue sky with puffy white clouds cruising by on the breeze and just marveled at how beautiful it was and how litte I was sweating. As a big fat northerner it's always a miracle when it's pleasent outside in Charlotte in the second week of July.

I even had my first legitimate par hole yesterday. I rolled the ball up on a par four hole green on the my second shot and two putted the ball in. It felt real good. I even had one of my best straight drives and had a cool seven iron second shot over a tree that almost made it to the green. Of course after that good shot I pooched a chip over the green twice and shot a six but the approach shot still felt good.

Revolution was a fun couse to play. The fairways were well tended and the holes were well designed and challenging. Unfortunately a few of the greens were substandard with bare spots that made putting almost futile. It would be a perfect public course if they could get those greens in shape.

That evening Wendell and I went and saw War of the Worlds and once again Roger Ebert nailed the review. It was a decent movie with some killer special effects shots. I mean, killer. The first twenty minutes were great with Tom Cruise as the man-child divorced father who has a pretty shitty relationship with his children. Most action movies have setups that bore you to tears but for a while there I was almost prepared to watch a really good movie about a divorced father trying to live with his two children he barely knows over a weekend. With all the special effects and action this is definately a movie to see on the big screen. At home I think it would just be a little boring.

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