Friday, July 01, 2005

Yay, Pictures!

It took a while after our computer was reimaged but I finally downloaded an FTP program so I can post pictures again. Why not start with pictures from the Heroes Convention?

Supergirl was there.

This guy had a great costume. This is the Captain America that fought Nazis. I should have gotten a picture of the old style shield he had strapped to his back. It was obviously homemade.

Of course what would a Heroes Convention be without a Klingon chick?

What the heck. Here is a quick shot of Sleater Kinney rocking out at Ziggy's in Winston Salem the other night. I couldn't really get close for a good picture but this proves I was there at least. Man, it was hot in that club. There was one guy standing to the right of the stage all night with a digital camera. He must have taken 100 flash pictures of Corin Tucker that night. She looked to be getting a little annoyed with him after a while. Understandable. How many times can you take the same picture in one night?

A quick memory

Although I've never read any of his books I was sad to see that Shelby Foote died a couple of days ago. About six years ago he appeared at the library's annual literary festival. At that time I was library's official photographer and was lucky enough to attend a reception for Shelby Foote at a home here in town before his talk that evening. I can say without any reservation that that was one of the most fortunate events of my life. It is the only time I have ever been a few feet away from such a learned person as he held court with admirers. He talked with the rich guests for over an hour and fielded question after question about the Civil War. The only time he wasn't talking was when someone threw a question at him after he finished answering the last. It was amazing and I was in awe. To be that close to a great scholar for even a short time was an honor.

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