Monday, July 18, 2005

A rooma zoom zoom

The roommate went and bought the new Harry Potter book Saturday. He got home with it about noon and finished it last night around 10 p.m. How's that for savoring a 600 page book? When he finished it, he said "Aww." He wouldn't have done that if he had taken his time and enjoyed the book over a few days. Ah well, he was waiting a long time for it like everyone else. I am the last hold out. I have yet to read any of the Harry Potter books. I think I might have to read the first one just to gain a little respect from the kids in my writing group.

Firesign Theatre offer

A couple of young ladies at work are big fans of the David Cross and his project with Bob Odenkirk called Mr. Show. Melanie loaned me the first season of Mr. Show on DVD and I took it home and was under impressed. She and Natalie (Natalie works down in circulation) both attested to loving the surrealism in the sketch comedy on Mr. Show. Melanie also liked how they would weave similar themes and storylines into different sketches. The first thing I thought of when they said these things was, of course, the Firesign Theatre. I was introduced to the Firesign Theater in high school by my friend Kevin. After listening to the Firesign Theatre off and on since the mid 80's what I saw on Mr. Show was good but it paled in comparison. I definately don't want you to think I am disparaging Mr. Show or David Cross. I dig the stand up of David Cross and his character on "Arrested Development" was a hoot.

If you don't know what the Firesign Theatre is, it is a Comedy troupe that put out three awe inspiring comedy albums back in the late sixties and early seventies that are chock full of clever word play, strong and funny characters, interweaving story lines, amazing sound effects and inspired voice acting. They worked through the early 80's and reunited back in 1998.

I had mentioned to Melanie and Natalie that I would make a mix CD of some Firesign Theatre material. Turns out I had a problem since many of their albums consist of two 25 minute tracks. I was determined to spread the word so I went to and found an audio editor so I could slice a few tidbits out of these long and complicated albums and add them to a mix CD. I even had to pay for it. It was worth it, though. I can see it being useful down the road.

I'd hate to put all this time into a mix CD and only give it to two people. Anyone else want one?

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