Sunday, July 03, 2005


Did you check out any of the internet feeds from the Live 8 shows yesterday? I was at work all day and I checked in now and then to see who was onstage. We didn't have access to sound but it was cool to see who was onstage. Kudos to AOL for providing such a reliable feed. I hate AOL less now. Still not enough to actually give them any of my money though. After I got home after work I was able to see one song by the one band I really wanted to hear: the reunited Pink Floyd playing in London. I was able to see their last song, Comfortably Numb. It was great and I was very pleased. This morning I checked the streaming rebroadcast and caught three songs by Pink Floyd. Cool. I still haven't caught Neil Young's appearance in Canada but from what I have gathered he didn't play a set and just joined a band at the end of the show to sing "Rockin in the Free World." I'd still like to see it.

Sleater Kinney

Sleater Kinney the other night was a really good show, if you were wondering. The club they played at in Winston-Salem was Ziggy's. I'd been there once before a long time ago to see Southern Culture on the Skids. The other night the place must have been over ninety degrees. It was very unpleasant and if it had been any other band I might just have left. I ended up deserting James after a while. We found a spot near the back where we could see and hear the band perfectly. It also turned out to be the hottest spot in the club. I found a spot on the left side where I couldn't see as well but was near a bank for fans. Good enought. I stuck it out at that spot and was rewarded with an encore in which they played my two favorite songs back to back: "I Wanna be your Joey Ramone" and "You're no rock and roll fun." It don't get no better than that.

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