Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hot, hot, hotter than hell

OK, here at work we have to AC units on our roof. One is out. One half of the building is almost 90 (parts were over 90 ealier today) and the other half is a delightful 75. Temperature outside? Barely over 80. It drives me crazy when we lose AC in these new sealed buildings. It wouldn't be nearly so stifling and miserable in here IF I COULD CRACK OPEN A FUCKING WINDOW! When the AC is running my sinuses act up because of all the shit in the vents. Opening a window would be nice. When the AC is broke it's murder in here because I can't open a window. I think I see a would be nicer in here IF I COULD OPEN A FUCKING WINDOW! Maybe in the near future these sealed up buildings will be seen by idiot fucking architects and builders as the bad idea they are.

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