Monday, July 11, 2005

The depths of history

I think I am going to start using the practice of David Cross and Michael Nesmith. The title of my blog will now have nothing to do with the content of the entry. That way when I lose my train of thought when I am typing and meander off onto another topic...dang my finger smells funny...then no one will be confused by what happened because they are already confused by the mismatched title and content. It's foolproof.

The queen bee left the fog lights on

Saturday night I rented Napolean Dynamite and watched it finally. Holy crap, is that movie funny. I had seen all the hype and was prepared to be let down and I wasn't. I love it when that happens. Once you watch that movie it's difficult to not spend the next few hours talking like Napolean Dynamite. I just love quirky, clever and unhurried movies like this one.

Tender moments in the lives of rodeo clowns

I've been noticing in a few news stories that the PC version of the new Grand Theft Auto game has a patch you can add that will allow your character to have sex. Grand Theft Auto has been cruising under the RADAR here for a couple of years. The fake shock over its violence is losing its appeal to the monkey people in the red states. Now though, oh man, now there is sex in the game. Look out, the freaks are riled up.

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