Thursday, July 21, 2005

Billion dollar babies

I am at home right now. I have to go back to work at six. I'm working a split shift today because Melanie and I can't schedule worth a shit. We're getting better, I think. I kinda like spending a few hours at home between work shifts. I guess that only works out positively when you live ten minutes from work. The last Saturday I worked a coworker told me to shut up after she said that on Saturdays her drive to work shrinks from 40 minutes to twenty and then I said "That's interesting, my drive on Saturdays is ten minutes just like every other day of the week."

I've been fooling around with music online and you know what? Alice Cooper is still making interesting music. I didn't realize he came out with an album in 2003 called "The Eyes of Alice Cooper." I discovered that fact after reading a review of his current album called "Dirty Diamonds." According to reviews he went back to a more basic rock and roll sound. Judging from the few tracks I've heard today that is true. That's good because I didn't dig the 'modern' sound of his previous two albums. He's always written catchy songs and they don't need to be dressed up. Just a couple of guitars, drums, bass and vocals will suffice, thank you. Maybe he heard some White Stripes and realized your sound is what you say it is, not what people say it should be dadgummit. You gotta admire how Alice is out there trying to make good music. Go Alice, your new songs are great.

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