Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Tomorrow I am only working for two hours. I have to go to a security class at the Freedom Regional Library. I think I am not going to dress in work clothes. I see no need to iron clothes for a two-hour meeting. I doubt the security chief will care one way or the other. Afterwards it's over to the abode of James and we will pile into his new hotrod and head to Winston-Salem for sightseeing, dinner and Sleater-Kinney at Ziggy's.

Speaking of Sleater-Kinney, they were on Letterman last night. I often refer to females of our species as "girls" and it bothers Melanie at work for some reason. After S-K finished their song last night (which friggin' rocked, by the way) Dave came over and thanked each of the band members for being there and then inclusively said, "thank you, girls." I swear Carrie and Corin exchanged amused smiles. I reckon they don't like being called "girls" either. To me there's nothing perjorative in the word. Heck, it implies youthfulness. That can't be bad.

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