Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Needs more study...

You gotta love George Bush's non answer to Tony Blair's request that we work to stop global warming. This bullshit of we know it's a problem but it needs more study. You know what needs more study you chimp-faced piece of crap? What needs more study is how a non-caring bullshitter like you got into office. Jesus Christ, maybe when the ocean is lapping at the foot of the Empire State Building then that will be proof enough that there may be a problem. I doubt it, we'd probably just build a levee around NYC and hope for the best and then study global warming some more. Maybe the problem will go away if we keep proclaiming that we spend more than any other country on global warming research. He just should have said what he really meant which is "We ain't gonna do anything about global warming until Florida is about to go under because oil is big money and SUV's are the only thing keeping the shortsighted U.S. auto manufacturers from going under." Of course there is also the fundamentalsist aspect of his world view. He may be hoping that global warming starts the disasters that will eventually bring on the rapture. How does it feel to have a president that won't stop global warming because he believes that destroying the environment will get Jesus here faster?

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