Monday, June 27, 2005


After riding the bus all week I got my car back Saturday afternoon. It started just dandy Saturday and Sunday and when I tried to fire the car up this morning to go to work...nothing. Just turned over and wouldn't catch. I went inside and swore for a while. Went back out and tried again and it wouldn't catch. Went back inside and swore some more. I called work and told them I was probably going to have to catch the bus in to work and would be late. Went back outside and whammo the car fires on the first try. What the fuck? I took the long way to work just in case the battery was wearing down. Shit, I paid over $200 for a new starter and it appears I may still have a problem. Shit.

I was supposed to go to a wedding on Saturday but with no wheels I went to the Heroes convention with Billy instead. I bought a couple of prints by a guy named Cliff Chiang and one print from an art student from Savannah. I bought frames for them yesterday and hung them in my room. They look cool. The one big loud guy thinks it's funny but he can go straight to hell.

Saturday I bought a copy of The Life Aquatic and it looked good, had some funny scenes, good acting and great music but it just didn't grab me. I guess the problem I have with Wes Anderson films is that I have a hard time having any kind of empathy with the characters. The film was distant and detatched from emotion. It's hard to truly enjoy a movie if you don't give a shit about any of the characters. "Raising Arizona" was just as surreal but it had heart. I think it was Ebert that called Anderson's films a kind of slow paced slapstick. I don't know, maybe if they threw in a little Marx Brothers zaniness into the mix it might move better.

Saw "Land of the Dead" with the one big loud guy last night. Wow, Dennis Hopper almost stole the movie. If you appreciate the genre then this movie is almost perfect. Humor, gore, social satire and more gore. Sometimes all at once.

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