Friday, June 03, 2005

Good morning, Satan

Just got off the phone with a delightful old lady who was looking for the 800 number for the National Geographic Society. No problem, found it on their website. She calls back five minutes later (doesn't bother to tell it's her again and acts annoyed when I verify it's her. Hey, I don't want to give her the same number again.) She explains the first number I gave her is in Florida and she doesn't want a number in Florida. She wants and toll free number for their headquarters in D.C. I then try to 'splain to her that organizations usually have a consumer line set up and that if I even find a number for the organizations headquarters it probably will not be a toll free number. About halfway through this explanation she interupts me and says, "Just look for the number, please!" Righto, you grumpy old hag.

As I predicted I found a direct line for the National Geographic library but no toll free number for their headquarters. I get back on the line and tell her that all I could find was direct line to the library and her response is, "I didn't ask for that!" I say, no but I couldn't find a toll free number for their headquarters. If I had found a toll free number for their headquarters I would have given it to you just now. "Oh, OK. Thank you." You bet, baby.

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