Monday, May 09, 2005

Satan lives

Here at home we have some spywarey/virus/tentacle of Satan the Prince of Lies embedded in our computer. Well, technically it belongs to my roommate but I did buy the CD burner for it so I'll call it ours. Wendell bought a new version of Norton Antivirus which did clear a bunch of shit out. I downloaded Hijack and got some more stuff off yet we can't get rid of this whore of the Dark One called Aurora. I've looked up Aurora and saw some messages about it on a few message boards and it looks like one of those things that will take few hours of studying and implementation to get rid of. Honestly, I'd rather have you give me a good punch in the stomach than spend three hours getting rid of a friggin' virus but no simple solution has reared its head yet. Bastards. Nothing annoys me more than a piece of spyware that pops up an andvertisement for anti-spyware applications. Jesus, I can hear the programmers laughter from here.

Oh, Chris and I had a great time at Darlington yesterday. I took some photos and will relate my experience and share some pictures tomorrow or later.

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