Friday, May 06, 2005

Milestone Again

Last night Chris, Wendell, Melanie and I met up at the Milestone to see David Childers and Deke Dickerson. Again, I gotta say that I love having the Milestone open again. Last night was the first time Melanie had seen Childers and Dickerson and it was the first time Chris had seen Deke. Melanie loved both bands and so did Chris. I'm always happy when I talk friends into seeing bands and they end up loving them. The four of us had a blast. I hope Melanie has sufficiently informed her beau Jeremy about the great rock and roll he missed last night.

Childers opened for Deke and he played one of the most intense sets I have ever seen him play. With Childers you can pretty much always say that. I've never seen him go through the motions while onstage. He is a local treasure and a lot of people were there to see him as well as the headliner.

The last time I saw Deke Dickerson was about three years ago at the Double Door in front of a handful of people. Last night, thankfully, he had a nice crowd that was very enthusiastic. There was a super drunk guy there last night that seems to follow Deke around the country and he kept going up onstage. Instead of getting mad Deke made him part of show and let him play an unplugged bass guitar for the last half hour of the show. I'm still not sure if the drunk bastard knew his bass was unplugged or not. If he knew he didn't care and pouned on that thing like he was part of the band. I saw quite a few people that I see at really good shows last night. It's getting to the point where we know each other and chat between sets. It's nice, almost like a small community of music lovers.

David Childers

Deke Dickerson

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