Wednesday, April 06, 2005

It is here

Tomorrow I am going to do the first of three presentations of my booktalk about baseball. This is my third in 18 months and I'm still a bundle of nerves. Jeez, what a wuss. Just like before I''ve prepared a lot. In fact I tried to go over my notes one more time earlier and I was just sick of them. That's always a good sign. Now it's time to just show up tomorrow and wow the folks.

I was going to initially talk about both fiction and nonfiction books about baseball. The problem was that most of what I could find wasn't all that interesting. I did come across one called "The New York Yanquis" which is about a NY Yankees team with only Cuban players on it. That's an interesting idea but I passed. Besides, there are so many nonfiction books about baseball why clutter up the talk with novels?

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