Monday, April 04, 2005


According to the TV the Pope is still dead.

Speaking of dead, I almost killed my roommate today. We went to Park Road Park so we could use the batting cage to take some batting practice. I tossed pitches to Wendell for about ten minutes and then took a turn. I was getting some good whacks in. It felt real good. You know when you get that good stroke going and when you swing through the ball and when it jumps off your bat you almost don't feel it? After a few minutes of hitting I started to get a few of those. I was surprised by how quickly I got the good stroke back.

The cage has a net that stands up and has a hole in it which the pitcher can toss the ball through. Wendell pitched one high and outside and I reached out and hit it easily back towards the net. There is a two by four buried on the ground in front of the net and the ground ball hit it. It bounced up through the hole and hit Wendell in the face. He jerked back like he'd been shot, went down to his knees and started spitting blood on the ground. His nose was bleeding and the inside of both his lips had been cut by his teeth. I went to the restroom hoping to grab some paper towels. Of course the bathroom only had blow dryers. I got back to the batting cage and he was dazed but seemed OK.

We ended our practice session and trudged back to the car after the bleeding slowed down. By the time we got back home his bleeding had stopped and I checked WebMD to see if stitches were recommended. The cuts weren't all the deep and weren't long so we figured he was OK.

Jesus, that scared the shit out of me but it worked out OK. Thank god I didn't hit that comebacker very hard or there could have been serious trouble.

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