Monday, March 14, 2005

Still holding out for being the antichrist

My question is this: if you are the antichrist do you always know it or does it come as a revelation later in life? I hope it comes later because I think I have it in me to not be just a passable antichrist but one with real vigor and enthusiasm. A go-getter of an antichrist.

In all seriousness I just read a column in a recent New York Review of Books by Bill Moyers about right wing Christians and the fake rapture. It scared me to my soul. These fucking people don't give a shit about the environment because the man in the sky is coming back soon and this allows big business to ignore the environment for eight years because the Jesus freaks are in the white house. Personally I don't think Bush is a real Jesus freak. Faking it allows him to get his real freak on which is making money.

Moyers' article also led me to this scary/funny website. It astounds me that some people believe this stuff. I Did I say some people? I'm sorry, what I meant to say was that over 50% of my fellow 'Mericans believe this complete claptrap.

As always, may god continue to bless George Bush.

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