Monday, March 07, 2005

News alerts

If you have a Google mail account have I got a tip for you. If you don't have a Google mail account you'll want one right away. What's the big tip? News alerts. If you go to the Google news page while logged into you email account you can set up Google news alerts and if the text you entered comes up in a news story then Google zaps you an email with a link to the news story. I love it. I can keep up with my favorite musicians and writers. Dave Alvin is touring and each town he stops in does a story about him and sometimes there is an interview. I can follow an interesting story that is hot for a few months like that one about the guy arrested in Charlotte for being Middle Eastern and taking pictures. One of my favorite alerts that I get are about the rural county in which I was raised in northern Michigan. Its name is unique enough that every story linked to that name has something to do with that county. I also get alerts on Okinawa where I was stationed for two years. 16 years later and the Okinawans are still fighting to get the American military off their island. I wish 'em luck.

Google news alerts! Get!

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