Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Howdy, bub

Just got back a little from an event at the
CPCC Literary Festival. I saw the author Geraldine Brooks give a nice talk on the nature of turning fact into fiction. I used to go to literary events like this all the time. It felt good to jump back into the fray. Even though I hadn't heard of her before the event it's always nice to sit back and listen to an intelligent person talk for forty five minutes. Know what I mean?

I also got to chat for a few minutes with one of my favorite teachers, Irene Honeycutt who is the festival's director. Back when I was in school I actually wrote some pretty good poems and she got me started. She's encouraging and a delight to be around. One of the first things she asked was if I was still writing. I mumbled something like "not so much." I did try to rouse her interest by saying "I'm a librarian now." She said, "Yeah, and I'm a director now." I think she loves the festivals that she puts together from scratch but she's the kind of person that would rather be in the mountains or near the ocean writing poems. I did tell her about our little blog community we got going here and she was very interested in that. She thought it was wonderful that a small group of us write a few times a week and we read each others writing. So, take heart guys, Ms. Honeycutt approves and that has always been good enough for me.

The honeymoon continues

I've almost filled up that 300 CD changer I bought from my bossman. I even hooked up the keyboard to it a couple of times and entered the titles of a bunch of CD's. Now I can glance over see the date of the bootleg Dylan and Neil Young shows that pop up. The text helps with the Dylan studio albums also because he has about 100 of them and I can't remember what album each song is on. Especially with the pre-1970 work which can run together for me. Remember, as Tom Waits recently said, Bob Dylan is a planet to explore and as Jack Black said in High Fidelity when he discovered a customer did not own Blonde on Blonde, "I can't believe you don't have this fucking album dude." Word.

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