Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Awesome baseball story

I'm doing a booktalk coming up in April and it is going to be about books written about baseball. I think this nice quote displays nicely why there have been so many books written about baseball: it just lends itself to stories.

'"Former big league catcher Tim McCarver loves to tell the story of Dick Schofield, the Cardinals shortstop of the 1960s, and the pointed needle of Hall of Famer Bob Gibson. Schofield, McCarver says, never was one to conceal his frustrations. He would attack the dugout after unsuccessful at-bats.

As the story goes, Schofield fumed after a particular vexing at-bat and brought his rage back to the dugout. After witnessing the explosion, Gibson rose, found a Cardinals press guide and approached Schofield on the bench as he paged through the book.

When he found the proper page, he spoke to his shortstop. "Says here you're a .223 hitter," Gibson said as Schofield burned. "Well, why then are you so ticked off when you make an out?"'

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