Saturday, January 29, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Who else can say it best other than Roger Ebert, "masterpiece, pure and simple, deep and true."

I don't know if a movie has ever made me feel better and feel worse. Like Unforgiven and Mystic River it moves at a lifelike pace. Ah, fuck it. I can't sum this movie up like any ole movie. It's just fucking brilliant. You know the story, a female boxer convinces jaded ole Clint to teach her how to box and then manage her career. Freeman and Clint are, uh, incredible. Swank is, uh, incredible. Like the two previous movies I mentioned it's shot so that many scenes feel like paintings that have motion. There's a shot where Swank and Eastwood are conversing in front of a white brick wall and there is a speed bag between them. The wall is a washed out white and the two actors and the speed bag in sillouetted. I want a poster of that.

You just have to go see this movie on the big screen. You'll kick yourself forever if you wait until the video release. You're going to cry before it's over and feel like shit when you leave but it's worth it because before all that you'll smile, laugh, cheer and probably inwardly pump your fist a couple of times.

Before I went to the theater tonight I thought I wouldn't see a movie better than Sideways. Tonight I saw a movie that eclipses Sideways without a question.

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