Monday, January 24, 2005


I was never much of a Johnny Carson viewer. I never watched his interviews. I don't have the patience for talk shows. I rarely even watch Letterman interview his guests. I'm the kind of viewer that enjoys watching Dave screw around for the first half hour and then I move on. I watched Carson every now and then and what I did enjoy was his opening monologue. Since it was the usual late night material often his jokes bombed. I always thought his true talent was improvisation and he could save a bad joke better than anyone I have ever seen. I remember whenever he would tell a stinker his takes after a negative reaction from the audience was some of the best comedy you could see anywhere. Improvisation is the true sign of comedic talent to me and Johnny had it. I've missed since he left and all I can think of now was how much he enjoyed his retirement. Everyone should be able to enjoy a good ten years of peace before they die.

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