Sunday, January 09, 2005

Good deed of the day

Yesterday while driving I saw on my right a dog trotting down the sidewalk dragging his leash behind him. Through a small grove a trees I saw a ten-year-old kid running and looking around and it was obvious he was panicking and looking for something. I came to a stop at light I was approaching, honked twice quickly in order to get the boys attention. When he looked my way I motioned behind me with my right hand toward the dog. He looked to his left, saw the dog, grabbed the leash and then waved at me in thanks. I felt good about that all day. In fact, I still feel good about that.


This was a good week for music. On Wednsday I saw Jason Isbell of the Drive By Truckers do a solo acoustic show at the Evening Muse. A picture follows.

On Friday at the Evening Muse I saw Deanna Lynn at 9 pm. A picture follows.

At 10 pm, same location, David Childers took the stage. A picture follows.

After Childers I went to the Comet Grill and saw Lenny Federal. Thatsa good night of music.

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