Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Thank you, hillbillies

I guess it's pretty amazing, after all the fear-mongering and the false "war president" stance, that Kerry made it as close as he did. If you think about it Bush pretty much had the election won as soon as he established himself as a war president in the minds of the people.

Did you see some of the percentages in the redneck states? My god, I had no idea inbreeding was such a serious problem.

I see Fox "News" is the first network to declare Ohio for Bush. I guess there's no need to even pretend to be fair and biased at this point in the game.

Unless a miracle happens in Ohio it's gonna be four more years of shitty sytax, massive killing of foreign-type people and overall crappy governing from the Whitehouse. Jesus fuck.

Personally I thought that if the election was even close and Kerry won then it was a sad day for this country. The fact that Bush could bamboozle so many people. People like my mother who on the phone the other day admitted that Kerry was superior to Bush in many ways but she still felt she should vote for Bush because he was strong on terror. There is your difference in this election: a totally false belief that Bush is somehow strong on terror.

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