Thursday, November 04, 2004

A quote from our prez

"To make this nation stronger and better I will need your support, and I will work to earn it. I will do all I can do to deserve your trust."

You know what? Screw that. Screw him and his supporters. This guy is the most dangerous person in the world right now. There is no way in hell I am going to get behind this clown. He has nothing to offer me. My fellow countryman turned their back on a good and thoughtful politician in order to hide behind this right wing idealogue. Screw you guys that voted for him and screw him. This is not a time for reconciliation. This is a time to get angry. How can you possibly support someone who created a concentration camp in Cuba, created a policy that allowed Iraqi civilians to be tortured and killed in our military prisons and is personally responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis? Fuck him. As Liz Winstead quoted Gil Scott Heron on Air America Radio a few minutes ago, "Mandate, my ass."

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