Saturday, October 16, 2004

What the hey?

Coming back from lunch today I saw the strangest thing. I saw a very old lady pulled up to the outside bookdrop. She was driving one of those almost-extinct compact Ford cars from the seventies. The windows were dirty and the car was unwashed in only the way a very old lady or a college student would keep a car. As she pulled away from the bookdrop I saw on the back bumper of her car a faded "Perot for President" bumper sticker. When I entered the library I told everyone I saw about the old lady with the "Perot for President" bumper sticker. I think she may have come through a wormhole. Maybe if I had ran across the parking lot and caught up with her I could have given her some stock tips and when she returned to her own time she could have invested wisely and eventually bought a Focus.

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