Saturday, October 23, 2004

This is not political

I looked over my blog today and found that most of my entries for the last two weeks have been political in nature. Ill-informed diatribes and callous fearmongering on my part but still political. I apologize. I just write whatever is on my mind and then log off and let the world come and be entertained.

New Music

The other day I saw that Megadeth had released a new album. I went through a little metal phaze back in the early 90's. I tried to like it but most of it was shit. Megadeth rose above the genre for a while and recorded some darn good music. I do remember some people scoffed at their name as childish hyperbole but we live in a world where megadeath caused by weapons of mass kaplooey is a real concern and the band is of this know what I mean. The new album is called "The System has Failed" and it's not bad. I say not bad because half of it is incredible and half of it is radio-friendly crap. But when it's good, boy oh boy, they haven't pouned stuff like that out for years. It's enough to cause you to make the devil horn sign with your hand and bite your lip and sneer for a second. I guess we can thank the shitty political climate created by George and his boys for one positive occurance, they managed to make Dave Mustaine angry again.

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