Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Look at all dem peoples

For the last ten working days here at my library branch there has been a constant line of people waiting to get in for early voting. Can you imagine that? Americans standing in line to vote! Wow.

You know after bashing our dingbat president for the last couple of years on this blog I have been trying to find something positive to say about the worthless turd and I think I found it. He is such a shitty and divisive president that he may directly cause the biggest turnout of voters in the last 100 years. God bless our crappy president!

I voted today and it felt really good to push that button on the machine marked "John Kerry." I have a recommendation to any undecided voters out there. If you are still undecided when you walk up to that voting machine go ahead and press the John Kerry button and take a gander at it. It'll feel so good I think you'll leave it that way and go on with the rest your ballot.

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