Thursday, October 07, 2004

How low can you go?

This is just pitiful. Why not just call a "do-over" and say "No fair, I wasn't ready." I believe this act would be "less than honest." Not a lie, mind you, once again just not within the strict definition of the truth. It really is a shame that this slimy little weasel has been allowed to degrade the once honorable position of President of the United States. Shameful.

When he was initially elected I hoped after four years people would see how horrible he was and he'd be one termer who would be a blip on the timeline of history. Because of 9/11 and congress rolling over for his agenda (including Kerry) he is coming real close to putting us all in real danger. I honestly don't understand how the polls are even as close as they are.

Once again thanks to the wise Josh Marshall for the link.

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