Friday, October 29, 2004

Destroy them all, God knows his children

God bless our great president.

In all seriousness how can you fucking sleep at night knowing that you are personally responsible for over 50,000 deaths? OK, I guess you have to sleep since your body demands that you do. I guess the real question is how can you stand in front of people while smirking like a third-grader with a snowball and claim the world is safer. When this dink is defeated this coming Twosday and he finally slinks out of the Whitehouse in early 2005 he is going to disappear from the national scene like no president ever has.

One of my favorite bands

Right now I am listening to a bootleg concert of the Butthole Surfers recorded in 1985 in Germany. It's so cool, I can't believe how clear this audience recording is. It's a pretty hot show. In fact throughout the whole show so far there is a constant, and unobtrusive, buzz from the crowd. Lots of "whoos" and various other vocal appreciations. I found it at this site. I highly recommend browsing this site if you like unedited concert recordings. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a show by one of your favorite bands. Just don't expect any real big names except for the Grateful Dead. If you are a Mike Watt or a Minutemen fan the site is a friggin' goldmine.

I also found a few Waco Brothers' show. God bless the internet.

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