Thursday, October 21, 2004

Baseball Heaven

I don't watch must baseball on TV during the regular season for various reasons but over the last three days I have watched some fantastic baseball being played by the Redsox and the Yankees during the American League Championship series. To me nothing beats playoff baseball.

Baseball creates a tension that cannot be matched by football. If your favorite football team has the ball on the one-yard line and they are down by five and need a touchdown and there is enough time left for one last play generally the team is going to run their play and they will either win or lose. In a baseball game a similar situation can last for two seconds or ten minutes as a batter and a pitcher duel each other. You don't know at the exact moment that final out or big hit will occur. It's an anticipation that cannot be equalled by sports that are timed.

I only wish baseball would cut a week off their regular season so the division series could be a best of seven and snow in the north would not be a threat during the world series.

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