Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Heartless money-grubbing bastards

I think this paragraph by David Poole that was printed in Today's Charlotte Observer perfectly displays the shitty attitude by the NASCAR brass: "Former NASCAR chairman Bill France Jr. was crowing that a story on NASCAR made the front page of
Los Angeles Times Sunday. Such a thing certainly would not have
happened, France said, if the circuit had been in Darlington, where it
had been on Labor Day weekend from 1950 to 2003. France told a
reporter to make sure he pointed that fact out to me in light of a
column I wrote for Sunday lamenting the loss of the Southern 500's
traditional date. Is it possible France really believes trading 54
years of history for one front-page story in the Los Angeles Times is
a good deal? If so, that's right sad."

If they weren't such obvious money whores all these stolen races and track closings in Carolinas would be easier to deal with. I may have said this before but they are correct in stating that Rockingham and Darlington don't sellout but, and this is a huge but, they have done nothing to help stimulate interest in the races held at these tracks. They didn't try to give them better dates. They didn't build any kind of entertainment facilities around. I belive it was the professional sports version of compassionate conservatism.

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