Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Crazy lady needum new story

Got a call from a former coworker at the main library yesterday afternoon. She had read the entry about the crazy lying lady and her project on Keith Sweat and called to inform me that the same lady was at that moment downtown pulling the same stunt. Today a coworker at my current branch said the lady came in yesterday morning with the same sob story, fake tears and Keith Sweat obsession.

Coming soon to a library near you: One whacked out chick.

What I want to know is what she is doing with all these printouts we have been giving her. I know she's probably getting the same information and pictures over and over again since we are all probably using Google to find this crap. She's going to have to acquire a new homeless-carrying-around-detritus bag since she's about to fill up the two or three she's got.

Bill Hicks

I have been messing around with a new file sharing program called Shareaza. I recommend it if you are looking for a filesharer with no spyware and no popup adverannoyments. Last night I got home from work and a Bill Hicks show from 1993 had finally finished downloading. It took a couple of days but it was a video I hadn't seen show up anywhere else. It's shot from the back of the club by a video camera with the sound piped directly into so it looks kinda crappy but sounds great. It consists mostly of material from the Rant in D Minor album but Bill never does the same show twice and never does his routines the same way twice. I couldn't be happier.

Digital Camera agony

I went into Wolf Camera today where I bought my digital camera last August to get a print out of the receipt. It turns out that the cost to fix it will probably be equal to how much it would cost to buy the same model new. Crap. Again, I say crap.

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