Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Pop Music

After watching about an hour of the Republican convention last night and almost gagging on the simplistic jingoism and their abhorrent parading of a few 9/11 relatives I couldn't help but wonder how this administration is still so popular. Today I realized that they are popular for the same reason that most of the music you hear on the radio is popular: Not in spite of its banality but because of it. Their simple message of "Me America, you America, we good and strong. Them hate us and our freedoms. Them hate us only for that, nothing else. Nothing else, nothing else, nothing else. Them hate our freedoms. We are strong. Me America, you America, we good and strong." Who in the fuck can argue with that? Who in the hell can even think straight after three years of that?

Harry Potter

A small kid just walked by with a Harry Potter book in his hands. That damn tome was almost as big as his head. Funny thing about them Harry Potter books is that kids are completely unfazed by how big they are. Many times teenagers will come up to reference looking for books on their reading lists and when see how big a possible choice is they will blanch and ask for something smaller. A lot smaller, to be specific. Harry Potter books? Screw it, they don't care how big they are, they just grab the next one in line and take it home.

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