Sunday, August 29, 2004

I gotta get me one of them

Last night I spent the evening hanging out with my redneck buddies. We assembled at friend's place in my complex to watch the annual night Bristol race. I only see these guys a couple of times a year and hanging out with them is always a blast and bad for my health. Jesus, those guys can put beers away. Since the party started about 7:15 I was in bed fairly early last night, if you know what I mean.

I always have mixed emotions when I hang out with those guys because one of them has an obvious drinking problem but, dang it, he's fun to drink with. He's witty and funny and keeps me and the room laughing all night. For me last night was a special party where I imbibed more than is my usual but I think I just participated in this guy's normal Saturday night. I also had to grimace inwardly through the occasional rascist comment. I like being around these guys because they are so different than any other group of people that I know and it's nice to be accpeted now and then into their inner circle since they are such a close-knit bunch. How often does a librarian get to hang with a bunch of damn-rowdy rednecks?

What I gotta get is the high definition television my friend that hosted the party owns. Holy cow, what a picture on that thing. When I got back home from his place on Friday after a preview my TV looked blurry to me for a few minutes and my TV is not a piece of crap. What I like most about his television, other than the lifelike picture, is how it doesn't burn a hole in your brain like a normal television does. It's very easy on the eyes.

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