Friday, August 20, 2004

Greetings from Asheville

Howdy, I am sitting in the lobby of the Downtown Days Inn here in Asheville. I am a bout a five minute walk from the big ole obelisk in the middle of town. I just woke up from a nap and I am going to go read for a few hours and kill time before I go to the Orange Peel and see Sonic Youth for the very first time. Kinda cool, eh? I think so.

I haven't heard from James so I guess he isn't going to make it. My crazy and still feverish roommate is going to work all day and then drive up here for the show. He has determined that he is not sick enough, I reckon. My friend Ingrid is driving up from the Spartanburg area to see the show also. She's a music nut. Sometimes she'll drive to Chicago for a week just to see Tortoise play three times in four days.

There sure are a lot of homeless bums in Asheville. There is a nice little park right down the street and I was going to eat my lunch there but the place was crawling with homeless. I prefer to eat without hungry people staring at me so just went back to my hotel and ate and took a nap which I just woke from. Mmmmm...vacation.

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