Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Wendell wakes up in agony

Yesterday my roommate was napping on the couch. He had just got home about a half hour before after getting his car inspected. He was laying on his back with his psycho cat Jojo laying on his stomach. Gallagher, the orange tabby with sincere love of annoying Jojo was laying between Wendell's legs. The third cat, the skittish Pippin, was on the other couch to Wendell's right. Gallagher took a swat at Jojo's butt. Jojo dug her claws into Wendell's stomach and bolted up his torso and into the hall. Gallagher, in pursuit, dug his claws into Wendell's thigh. As these cats hissed and snarled, Wendell woke up confused and hurting. Pippin woke up in a panic and ran across the other couch and jumped onto the organ, knocking off about half of what was sitting on it. As stuff falls off the organ in a slow ten second wave of destruction I start laughing from my seat at the computer. Once I can breathe again Wendell asks me, "What just happened?"

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