Sunday, July 18, 2004

Laughed? I thought I'd cry...

Thursday night after work I found myself alone. The roomie had to go to Statesville due to family obligations. For a while I was playing online with the Xbox and got bored pretty quickly. I then remembered that I had a video that bossman had made for me. It is a documentary called "Something funny happened on the way to the moon." It was made by that nut that has been proclaming that the moon landings were faked. He has a website. The guy is completely off his rocker but I recommend his site as a good time waster.

The movie is only an hour long and it's a howler. It opens with shots of the Apollo 11 spacecraft taking off and intersperses images of starving children between the various shots. I guess his point is that we could have fed lots of kids with the money blown on a fake moon mission.

My favorite point of the movie is when he shows a speech by JFK where the president lists how the Russians were kicking our butts in the space race for a while. The super snotty narrator then asserts how can a nation be so far behind yet catch up so quickly? That part pissed me off. Such dishonesty. First of all the Americans were being careful. Russian cosmonauts had a higher fatality rate than we did back then. What an ass. Kennedy even disproves his point in the speech when he mentions returning men safely to the earth being a significant factor in our program. As dishonest as the documentary is you would think he would be smart enough to leave that remark out.

He also uses a lot of footage out of context and most of the time doesn't let you know what you are being shown. Stock footage hell sometimes.

The reason I really wanted to see the documentary was to see what the person who confronted and got punched out by Buzz Aldrin would create. You can view the footage here. I consider that one of the great moments in American history. God, that's funny.

Obviously he needs to buy this book. I have seen this book and it's fabulous. Check it out from the library if you get the chance.

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