Thursday, July 15, 2004

Feel the breeze

This morning when I left for work the temperature was over 75 but definately less than 80. I noticed while driving past Southpark Mall on Fairview that about 90% of the vehicles on the road had all their windows rolled up. I guess they had their AC cranking and Bob and Sheri or John Boy and Billy laughing at their own jokes.

I had my windows down and it's not because I don't have AC in my little ole Civic, I do. I think the reason I don't use the AC until it gets unocomfortably hot in my car is because of my step dad. He drove with the with his windows down even the dead of winter and now I don't like driving all sealed up. I can't hear what's going on around me. It's like watching television with the sound muted. Drivng is serious business why distance yourself from it?

The only vehicles I saw this morning that had their windows down were trucks carrying workin' men, older cars barely running, some guy showing off his newly refurbished older jeep, some douche in a convertible and me. The more I looked the more alarmed I became with all these people with their windows up. C'mon, it's a cool summer morning, enjoy the breeze.

Is this a sign of how disconnectted we are or is it a sign of how newer cars aren't designed to be run with the windows down? You know how with these newer cars if you roll down the windows the air blows all over the damn place. I hate that. I'll take my boxy 89 Civic. At least I can roll em down when I wanna.

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